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Booby Lift Tape Roll


Booby Tape Nude. Have you ever found the cutest outfit but couldn’t find a bra that worked? Have you bought a product that claimed to give you a breast lift, but found there was no support? Booby Tape is the answer! Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex with Acrylic glue, Booby Tape can be worn for a recommended time of up to 6 hours! Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.



Booby tape is a night out handbag essential, this adhesive tape is a must-have for those daring, plunging neckline dresses and tops. This tape will keep you in place the whole night through.

Booby Lift Tape Nude for regular size, great lasting support. We have got you covered!

Skin Test:
Recommend that you perform a skin test 24 hours before wear. Do not wear for 6+ hours. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use on open cuts, sun burn or irritated skin.

Application & Safety:
The tape should be flat and smooth on the skin, any wrinkles can cause the tape to rub.Do not rub the tape, rubbing can make the adhesive bond tighter and could cause irritation to the skin.

Removal & Safety:
Never rip the tape off dry skin without oil or moisturiser, this can result in minor tearing and breaking of the skin. Pressing down on the tape whilst pulling is most effective and stops the pull to the skin.Always use your favourite moisturiser or oil around the edges of the tape to help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any pull. Start from the bottom corner and pull up slowly and gently. Do not peel down and away from the skin.

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5cm x 5m, 7.5cm x 5m




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