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About Us

Perk Me Up

Our Mission

Perk Me Up is an Irish based Activewear company. Perk Me Up activewear is proudly designed in Ireland for women who want to feel good and confident in yoga, pilates, gym & everyday activewear clothing.

Our Approach

We are driven to design the best Activewear in the world, so when you put on your Perk Me Up activewear it transforms the way you think and how you feel about being active whilst feeling confident in yourself.

Perk Me Up is the “go to” activewear for all women. Our clothing has unique figure enhancing support and comfort features, with particular focus on the bum & tum areas.


At Perk Me Up we believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but the future. We are driven to ensure that our communities, planet and environment are just as healthy as the women that wear our Activewear. We produce only quality products so you can buy smarter, not more.

Our Philosophy

Being healthy doesn’t have to be about finding more time, eating less or trying to look like anyone else. We’re here to make you feel good about where you are right now, while cheering you on to become a fitter, faster and stronger version of yourself!